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Effective communication between staff, parents, and students is vital to student wellbeing and success at school.

Newsletters and news bulletins

A school newsletter is sent out each fortnight on a Friday. On each alternate Friday, a shorter news bulletin is provided. We report on important school events, notify the school community of upcoming activities and celebrate achievements.

If possible we ask that parents receive the newsletter and bulletin by email as one of our environmental sustainability strategies. Parents are asked to keep the school office informed of any changes to their email address. Where it is not possible to email a copy, students will be given a paper copy to take home.

The newsletter and bulletin are also uploaded to the school website and school app, and there are always copies available in the office, and on the noticeboard at the entrance to the school.


Teachers of younger students usually send out a weekly email to all parents informing them of important activities involving the class. Teachers of older students may do this less frequently as it is important that we help students develop some responsibility for remembering class and school activities. 

These class emails complement the school website, newsletter, bulletin and Skoolbag app. If teachers know that parents are not contactable via email, they will ensure that paper copies of all information are provided. In addition, each class has one or two parent representatives who assist the teacher to keep parents/carers informed.

Skoolbag app

To download the free Skoolbag app, go to the App store on your Apple or Android phone, and search for “Rozelle Public School”.