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Personalised learning for success

The learning support program at the school is overseen by the learning support team.

Learning support team

Heather Strachan – learning support coordinator

Stephanie Searle – principal

Carolyn Edwardes – school counsellor

Doireann Brazil – learning and support teacher/literacy and numeracy intervention

Jen Lau – literacy and numeracy initiative/English as another language or dialect

Amy Horton – English as another language or dialect/Aboriginal education 

Reading recovery/literacy and numeracy intervention

Reading Recovery is the name of an individualised program aimed at Year 1 students only who need additional support in learning to read. In 2018 the department changed the funding arrangements slightly to allow schools to use their funding more flexibly, and it was renamed Literacy and Numeracy Intervention. We have had no change to our funding and have decided to continue to use the funds to support several Year 1 students individually with their reading. Last year Mrs White filled this role two days per week. Following her retirement, Ms Brazil is undertaking this role in addition to her work with students in Years 2 to 6 as the learning and support teacher. This means Ms Brazil is here five days a week.

Learning and support teacher

Doireann Brazil is filling this role three days per week, working with students in Years 2 to 6. She works with small groups of students from class to build their skills and confidence in literacy and also works in a team teaching situation in the classrooms.

Literacy and numeracy initiative

To further strengthen the learning support we can provide to students we receive Literacy and Numeracy Initiative funding which we use to employ Ms Jen Lau. She works with selected students in Years 2 to 6 in both literacy and numeracy, and team teaches in classrooms. 

English as another language or dialect

We receive funding for those students whose first language is not English, through which we employ Jen Lau so she is here three days per week.

Aboriginal education

Ms Amy Horton works on Wednesdays with some of our Aboriginal students on individual projects that build their literacy skills and a strong sense of cultural connection. This is funded through the department.


Through our School and Community funds, we implement the extension program three days per week, taught by Ms Julie Day. Ms Day works with groups of students mostly drawn from Years 2 to 6 identified as having potential or achievement distinctly beyond their age. These groups change through the year to maximise the number of students who benefit.

If your child is involved in any of these programs you will have been advised and will be updated about their progress through meetings and formal reporting procedures. 

All teachers are well-trained in providing differentiated classroom programs and we continue to enhance their skills through professional learning opportunities. In addition, we have a number of teachers who have worked in reading recovery and learning support teacher roles who add their expertise to our programs.